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Chapter illustration from book one. "The Astercourt." By David Perez.

Over 200 years ago, the quiet town of Ranewood was established on the westernmost edge of a vast Ildarwood forest in the Selyrian Union. Populated primarily by "New Selyrians" - refugees from distant lands - the town has a long and complex history despite every effort made by its residents to live peaceful, uneventful lives.​

Owing to its strategic position on the edge of the Ildarwood, as well as its relative proximity to the west coast of the Selyrian Union, the town has been on the forefront of war on more than one occasion - most recently, during the Astyrian occupation. As a result, the town has a number of historical landmarks, including an impressive Astercourt in the center of town, a number of old temples and fortifications, and a series of Verilium mines along the Ildarwood's outer reaches.

But as a result of to the number of conflicts the town has seen, it has also been forced to endure a number of severe spectral Blights - all of which have resulted in the destruction of large swaths of the Ildarwood, as well as the corruption of more than a few residents and Ildarbound. In many cases, the Blight was directly attributable to the suffering endured by the town's residents, or that of their children inside of the forest.

Most recently, the town has seen an influx of displaced citizens from the neighboring city of Silvermarsh following the collapse of the city's government. While concerted efforts have been made to absorb many of those seeking safety and shelter, a number of residents in town have begun expressing concerns with the "types" of people whose children are now entering the Ildarwood alongside their own.



Concept art by @lucas_concept_art

First constructed over 40 years ago by the Astyrians during their occupation of the Selyrian Union, the Astercourt in Ranewood sits atop the original site of a modest town hall in the center of town. Three massive wings stretch out from the central atrium, where sits the town's namesake Ranewood tree beside a solid stone stage.


The "silver wing" is used primarily for administrative offices, the town library, and the town council chamber. The "blue wing" houses the town's Asterguard contingent, which is responsible for maintaining law and order in town. And the "white wing" is where the town's main courtrooms are situated.

Above the central atrium is the town's primary Ildarstar, which offers protection to the Astercourt premises and to the larger town population, as well. Smaller Ildarstars punctuate the three smaller domes over each wing of the Astercourt, as well.

In front of the Astercourt is a fountain with an Astyrian angel holding an Ildarstar high up with one hand, which symbolizes the importance of faith, and a silver scale in the other hand, which pays tribute to the Selyrian custom of "balance in all things."



Concept art by David Swanson.

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