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"Shine Despite the Darkness"


Other Names

White, Light, Do-Verilium, Dovynium

Alignment Term


Birthstone Color


Iris Color

Radiant White

Personality Markers

Behaviors are motivated primarily by faith, goodness, purity, or brightness above all else.


"Shine Despite the Darkness" by @lucas_concept_art

Substance Properties

A white substance that can become blindingly bright with enough refinement, it can be highly corrosive to both physical and spectral objects, with enough purity or concentration; in smaller doses, it functions as a euphoric, bringing pleasure to those exposed to it, and it can also be used to heal

Brief History

While originally prized as the cure to all ailments in the early days of civilization, the use of Asterlight as a weapon by some cultures eventually became a plague unto itself, leading many to fear or even ban the substance from within their borders. Still widely used by healers and the faithful to charitable ends, it is also widely abused by various extremist sects as both a weapon and a shield in their wars.

Asterlight with lesser refinement is used most commonly in lights, but concentrated forms are sometimes converted into crystals, which are then ground into a fine powder and inhaled for euphoric effect.

Spectral Opposite


3D emblem rendering by Dejan Gotić for the Trials of Ildarwood series.

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