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"I spent most of my life trying to find the perfect book for me. Then I just decided to write it instead."

- S.C. Selvyn

S.C. Selvyn grew up in the small town of Raynham, Massachusetts, where he first began developing the premise for The Trials of Ildarwood. Fascinated by the town's history, and enamored with stories like Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and more, he dreamed of creating a world more vast and complex than any he had seen or read about before.

So in 2003, he began studying Television / Film Production at Syracuse University in the hopes of one day making his dreams come true. After graduating and spending several years in the industry, however, he decided to switch careers to focus on web development instead.


It was then, during his early years at a Boston-area tech startup, that he was first introduced to the self-published works of Malorie (M.D.) and Jill Cooper, and in 2014, he began working on the first draft of The Trials of Ildarwood.

After years of writing, researching different cultures, and refining multiple drafts of the story, the final version of S.C. Selvyn's debut novel was completed in 2021. It is set to be published exclusively on in July. The second novel is expected in 2023, with additional novels in the series coming every two years thereafter until the story is complete.

S.C. Selvyn's dream is to one day expand the world of the Ildarwood by co-authoring stories with other budding authors from around the globe.

Today, S.C. Selvyn splits his time between Provincetown, Massachusetts, and his hometown of Raynham, where he lives with his partner, three dogs, two ferrets, several koi, and a surprising number of goldfish "that somehow manage to just keep multiplying."

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Original "World of the Ildarwood" Map (2020)


Pups 1 & 2


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Pup 3 in Provincetown, MA

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