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S.C. Selvyn is the type of introvert who had to pretend being quarantined for eighteen months was some sort of wild inconvenience. After over a decade of imagining things only he thought were interesting, he spent seven years trying to write them all down, then audibly gasped once informed it'd be an epic-length book.

In his nonexistent free time, he tries to convince people on social media that his Golden Retriever is actually the needy one in the relationship.

His favorite pastime is telling stories in which he was the one who said something funny.

* A far less entertaining actual bio can be found here for those so inclined.

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S.C. Selvyn's dream is to inspire readers around the world with his stories. If you would like to speak with him about his work, he can be reached via e-mail:



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  • Where did you come up with the idea for The Trials of Ildarwood?

    • The basic concept of kids with special powers was something I used to think about all the way back in middle school. Like, "wouldn't it be cool if I could do this? And you could do that?" And even back then, the characters were roughly the same, and there was an elemental component to their abilities. But it took almost twenty years for me to refine it as much as I needed to for this series.

  • Have you always wanted to be a writer?

    • I was never a big fan of reading growing up, so I never in a million years thought I'd grow up to be a writer. I always imagined I'd make video games, TV shows, or movies. That's actually why I went to college in Syracuse - to learn how to turn my ideas into TV shows or movies - but obviously that didn't work out.

  • What made you decide to self-publish?

    • I had always heard what a nightmare it was to get an agent and convince a publishing company to give you a chance, so it was just not an experience I ever wanted to subject myself to.

  • What books or stories did you try to emulate while writing The Trials of Ildarwood?

    • The only books I can actually recall reading through to completion are Harry PotterThe Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings, so I don't exactly have a deep well of comparisons to pull from. I tried to read the Game of Thrones books, but I really struggled with how rich the detail in those stories are, so when I was writing, I just tried to write in a style that I thought was enjoyable to read, myself.

  • What is your long-term vision for this series?

    • I can see this series having anywhere from six to nine books in it - I have rough plot outlines for either version - but ultimately, I just want to work with other aspiring authors and artists to expand the world of the Ildarwood with new stories, cultures, characters, and adventures. I really want to know what the Trials are like in other parts of this world, and there's really no one better suited to telling those stories than people from the parts of the real world that inspired the cultures in this series.

  • What makes The Trials of Ildarwood different from other young adult fantasy series out there today?

    • The way it makes people feel like they're actually in the story as they're reading it. Whether they relate to the kids and what they're going through, or they're looking at what's happening from the perspective of a parent, readers get emotionally attached to these characters and situations pretty much from page one. They also appreciate that this story has layers upon layers of hidden meanings, giving them the ability to read it and reread it over and over again and still find something new every single time.

  • When do you think the next book in the series will come out?

    • Now that most of the world building and trial-and-error involved in writing the first book is done, I'm pretty confident I can finish book two in less than two years. But in the process of creating book one, I ended up with so many interesting side stories that I've been considering releasing one or two novellas set in this world to bridge that gap.

  • Where did you find the time to write a book?

    • Part of the reason why it took me seven years to finish book one was because I couldn't find the time to write a book! A lot of that time was focused on building my career at a Boston tech company, so I had to use what little time I could at night, on weekends, during commutes, or on vacation to try and make even the slightest bit of progress.

  • Was writing a book hard?

    • Absolutely. For this book, I spent countless hours planning, researching, writing, rewriting, rewriting again, and again, and again. Some days, I spent hours trying to figure out how to word a single sentence! Then, once I was done, I had to address all of the editor's notes, then the proofreader's, then work with a designer -- all while working with the illustrators and trying to market the book. But even knowing how hard it all was, I still can't wait to do it all again. After all, this sort of work wouldn't be nearly as rewarding (or as interesting) if it was easy.​

  • Where did you get all of the art you use on your website and on social media?

    • I really wanted the world of the Ildarwood to be as immersive as possible, so I went online and found about a dozen different artists from around the world - each with different styles - that way my readers and I could both see different interpretations of the characters and places and events from this book.




Title: The Trials of Ildarwood: Spectres of the Fall
Author: S.C. Selvyn

Genre: Young Adult Epic Fantasy, 776 pages (paperback / hardcover)


Price / Formats:

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  • $2.99 Kindle Edition (Limited Time)

  • $19.99 Paperback Edition

  • Hardcover Edition - Expected by September 2021



  • 979-8-51644-350-3 (Paperback)

  • 978-1-64365-069-2 (Hardcover)

Publication Date: July 27th, 2021



In the quiet town of Ranewood, families are preparing their twelve-year-old children for the start of their Trials - a sacred tradition dating back nearly 10,000 years. But once the children enter the vast spectral forest on the edge of town, they quickly discover that the Ildarwood is not nearly as safe as they were told. Stalked by faceless hunters whose souls have been corrupted by Trials past, the children - now Ildarbound - must find shelter in the outer reaches of the woods if they want to survive.

Aided by a small number of Preceptors, each of which has been tasked with training the new Ildarbound, the children are given one year to learn how to control one of nine powerful elements from the spirit world - whichever one their soul is attuned to most. Without such mastery, they risk falling to the same corruption as the Cynders that try to hunt them every day.

But when their suffering leads to the emergence of a toxic spectral Blight, the Ildarbound find themselves confronted by two worsening threats - neither of which they know how to fight. Forced to work together, they must master their abilities and unlock secrets from the past to save the Ildarwood, their families, and themselves from a fate worse than death.

The Trials of Ildarwood: Spectres of the Fall is available now on Amazon in all supported territories, or directly from Avylaan Kingdom Press.



"From the moment you enter the fantasy world ... you are immersed in a realm that breaks the boundaries of imagination." - Zane B. on

"This is an incredible story. The author has a creative [way] of transporting us into a new fantasy world of which we can fully gain a sense of the world from the slew of characters that he introduces. The story takes off right from page one and was a page turner until I finished it. This book is inclusive, immersive and very descriptive which to me makes it standout along the greats like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and The Colour of Magic. I'm already chomping at the bit for the second book!" - Gregg Kleiner on

"The illustrations were exceptionally well done and i’m excited for more reads with this author." - Bryan on

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