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The Trials of Ildarwood prequel takes place nineteen years before the events in the Book One Prologue. The story follows four children who are told their souls are far too damaged to ever survive their Trials, so they escape into the Ildarwood in search for a cure.

  • Mireia la Nona, a young girl abandoned by her family because she was born holding a black birthstone, indicating an alignment toward spectral darkness.

  • Tevaun Osei, a boy who was also born holding a black birthstone, afflicted with a condition that causes his soul to shatter little by little whenever he encounters suffering.

  • Evalina Verdani, a girl born holding an emerald birthstone, indicating an alignment toward Stormspark -- an unstable spectral element. She seeks a cure for her condition to avoid a terrible fate.

  • Daelyn Preis, a boy born with the ability to control every-color flames. Cast out by his family, he sees a cure for his condition to avoid a terrible fate of his own.

Each chapter focuses on the experiences of at least one of the characters as they struggle to save the Ildarwood and themselves from a powerful evil.

Mireia & Tevaun.jpg

Mireia la Nona and Tevaun Osei. Concept art by @izizallart

Evalina & Daelyn.jpg

Evalina Verdani and Daelyn Preis. Concept art by @izizallart


The Trials of Ildarwood series focuses primarily on the experiences of nine children as they leave their families behind and attempt to survive in the Ildarwood.


Some of the main characters include:

  • Briyal Legarde, who tries to see the light in everyone, even if they cannot quite see it in themselves.

  • Jarryn Gricker, a simple boy from a poor farming family who only wants to learn how to heal the Ildarwood.

  • Willen Osombra, a troublesome boy who has fled a tragic past in Silvermarsh City.

  • Telara Brent, a bright girl who refuses to let anyone stop her from uncovering the Ildarwood's most sinister secrets.

  • Orenna Ozhan, a lonely Eshandi girl who has the ability to see the memories locked within Ildarwood trees.

  • Jordana Rohani, who has learned to conceal her true appearance out of fear of what others might think.

  • Tannus Ambers, who ran away from his parents to take care of his ailing gram in Ranewood, only to be forced to leave her once his Trials begin.

  • Aiden Verdani, a smart but strange boy with no real friends and far too many secrets of his own.

  • Dustane Dulane, who changed his name after moving to Ranewood in the hopes of leaving his troubling past behind.

Each chapter focuses on the experiences of at least one of the characters as they struggle to save the Ildarwood, or themselves, before a sinister corruption spreading throughout the forest can take hold.

The Trials of Ildarwood series also includes prologues and epilogues in each book which provide additional perspectives from the parents or Preceptors (administrators of the Trials) to add context to the events of the book.

Scene One_The Elements of Morality_Finis

Briyal Legarde, Jarryn Gricker, and Willen Osombra. Illustration by @izizallart


Telara Brent, Orenna Ozhan, and Jordana Rohani. Illustration by @izizallart


Tannus Ambers, Aiden Verdani, and Dustane Dulane. Illustration by @izizallart

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