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"Calm in Raging Tides"


Other Names

Juice, Vino, The Wash, Swash, Vio-Verilium, Serenium

Alignment Term


Birthstone Color


Iris Color

Sparkling Purple

Personality Markers

Individual possesses a tranquil disposition or a tendency to seek peace in conflict; individual demonstrates general passivity


"Calm in Raging Tides" by @lucas_concept_art

Substance Properties

A shimmering purple substance capable of stabilizing all other spectral elements if they have achieved a chaotic state; induces tranquility when administered directly into a soul, but can cause depression with prolonged exposure; toxic if concentrated with malicious intent; capable of holding memories or of being used to project memories for others to see.

Brief History

Kingswash has seen extensive use throughout history by kings and commoners alike. Royal purple became a symbol of various crowns owing to the tendency of countless rulers to use Kingswash as a means of pacifying their followers. For commoners, Kingswash was renowned for turning even the most undrinkable tonics into a calming beverage that could help them both forget all their woes and soothe a troubled soul.

Kingswash is abnormally versatile in its uses, functioning as a potent poison if crafted with malicious intent, but also capable of holding onto memories. The former has made it popular with assassins, while the latter has made it popular with historians, parents, and nannies alike.


In modern times, Kingswash is used most commonly in various varieties of vino viola, a type of wine crafted from Illuriyan or Fleurish grapes. Kingswash has also seen increased usage as a critical tool for peacekeepers and diplomats all around the world.

Spectral Opposite


3D emblem rendering by Dejan Gotić for the Trials of Ildarwood series.

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