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Pre-Order the Prequel Today!

As of today, you can officially pre-order the Amazon Kindle edition of "The Trials of Ildarwood: Fall of the Forsaken," the harrowing prequel to "Spectres of the Fall."

This incredible story follows four children from the ancient city of Silvermarsh who have been told their souls are far too damaged to survive their Trials. Forced to choose between a life almost certainly cut short or a near impossible mission to find a rare variety of Ildarwood that could forever change their lives, they decide to escape into the nearest Ildarwood forest to seek out the fabled Dreamwood tree.

In the process, they must overcome terrifying threats, including a Dreadnight that seeks only to control their souls before their quest is complete.

For anyone who has already read "The Trials of Ildarwood: Spectres of the Fall," at least one of the faces will be familiar to you, as the main recurring character from that book is none other than a young Evalina Verdani, nineteen years before her appearance in the Prologue of book one.

This is one exciting adventure you won't want to miss!

So pre-order the Kindle edition of "The Trials of Ildarwood: Fall of the Forsaken" today and gain immediate access once it's released in January.

Book contents include:

  • Eleven chapter illustrations

  • A Map of Silvermarsh (circa 9068)

  • A Brief Introduction to the Nine Spectral Elements

  • An Author's Introduction to the Series

  • ~290 pages of story

An Ildarwood tree and Ildarstar in a stately manor. Prologue chapter illustration.


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