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"Stronger Than Our Faults"


Other Names

Ildarstone, Rock, Sand, Stones, Geo-Verilium, Geonium

Alignment Term


Birthstone Color


Iris Color


Personality Markers

Individuals demonstrate an atypical fixation on physical or emotional strength


"Stronger Than Our Faults" by @lucas_concept_art

Substance Properties

A shimmering brown substance most typically found in a solid form which is almost impossible to damage by ordinary means; causes a soul to become resistant to spectral harm when administered directly.

Brief History

Spiritstone has been used for millennia to fortify city walls and to construct massive structures intended to endure for eternity. Vulnerable only to older, more refined, or more concentrated forms of itself, such as Ildarian steel, it is more often crafted than extracted from mines owing to its scarcity in nature. Spiritstone that has been refined or used for construction is typically referred to as Ildarstone to differentiate it from the natural form of the substance.

The highest concentrations of natural Spiritstone are typically found in Bulderspores – a type of mushroom specifically designed to dissolve and extract the substance from abandoned Ildarwood, Ildarsteel, and Ildarstone objects or structures. Bulderspores have been heavily utilized by warriors and rulers throughout history who, above all else, sought to become invincible at any cost.

Spectral Opposite


3D emblem rendering by Dejan Gotić for the Trials of Ildarwood series.

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