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"The Last Airbender meets Hunger Games" in an award-winning series...

A thrilling adventure into a dark yet magical world...


Evalina Verdani and Tevaun Osei were told their gifts were just too different ... a little too dangerous to allow out into the world. So they each dreamed endlessly of escaping into the Ildarwood. They had no way of knowing what perilous adventure would await if their dreams one day came true...

Features: 13 Illustrated Chapters, Hand-Drawn Map, Appendix of Lore

SILVER MEDAL FINALIST! "Best Young Adult Fiction" in the 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the largest international awards program for independent authors and publishers.

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She was cursed  by winter's frost. He was scarred by spectral flames.

Dasia and Tannus always dreamed of running away. They weren't exactly welcome at home. But when long-lost friends lure them out into the Ildarwood, they must shatter the shackles of their past and unlock their elemental gifts to survive the perils within...

Features: Chapter Illustrations, Hand-Drawn Map, 3 Chapters of Lore

All author royalties from sales of this novella are being donated
to charities for homeless LGBTQ+ youth.


Available Now!

For nearly 10,000 years, the Trials have been a sacred tradition...

But when all the twelve-year-old children in Ranewood are banished into an ancient forest, they must unlock their elemental gifts to save the Ildarwood, their families, and themselves from a vile corruption.

Features: 28 Chapter Illustrations, Hand-Drawn Map, Appendix of Lore

WINNER! "Best Young Adult Fiction ebook" in the 2023 Independent Publishers Book Awards, and Silver Medal Finalist for "Best Fantasy Novel" in the 2023 National Indie Excellence Awards.

Paperback  |  Kindle  |  Audio
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Read the Reviews:    GoodReads    |    Amazon
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