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"Endure Any Winter"


Other Names

Blue, Ice, Frost, Ico-Verilium, Iconium

Alignment Term


Birthstone Color

Sapphire or Aquamarine

Iris Color

Vibrant Blue

Personality Markers

Individuals have an atypical ability to separate emotion from difficult situations; perceived as cold or logical


"Endure Any Winter" by @lucas_concept_art

Substance Properties

A shimmering sapphire or light blue substance capable of either absorbing or dissipating large quantities of raw spectral energy; at high enough concentrations, it can freeze physical objects; when administered directly into a soul, it can cause emotional numbness or paralysis

Brief History

Long used as a means of preserving food, Frostwater has also provided military and civil law enforcers with their primary and most effective means of non-lethal incapacitation for millennia. It is so effective, in fact, that Shuurgan hordes on armored and frost-covered bison were able to use it to expand their empires across most of the northern continents for centuries unimpeded.

Frostwater crystals with higher refinement are used most commonly in ice boxes and weapons. Semi-concentrated sources of natural Frostwater, such as shiverberries, are typically used to produce emotional sedatives.

Spectral Opposite


3D emblem rendering by Dejan Gotić for the Trials of Ildarwood series.

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