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"Forged by Fire"


Other Names

Gold, Burn, Fio-Verilium, Aurelium

Alignment Term


Birthstone Color


Iris Color

Radiant Gold

Personality Markers

Behaviors tend to demonstrate a fiery passion that can sometimes flare as a burst of anger

Substance Properties

A shimmering golden substance that resembles purefire when reactive, it is best known for its ability to release large quantities of raw spectral energy, on its own or when used to consume solid spectro-physical substances like Ildarwood; at high enough concentrations, it can ignite a physical flame; when administered directly into a soul, it can cause elation, impulsivity, a feeling of invincibility, and intense rage.

Brief History

Long treasured both for its beauty and its power as a weapon, Goldenfire has been associated with royalty and strength for millennia. Capable of providing life-giving warmth even in frigid temperatures, it has become a crucial resource for civilizations in colder climates where other forms of fuel may not be readily available.

Goldenfire crystals with less refinement are used most commonly as a source of heat for water supplies in homes, as they are fairly inexpensive to mine and are far less likely to cause an accidental fire than burning greenwood or Ildarwood. Semi-concentrated sources of natural Goldenfire, such as emberberries, are typically used to produce various golden ales, which are renowned for giving anyone who consumes them increased confidence and passion for short periods of time. Concentrated sources are used exclusively to create both currencies and weapons.

Spectral Opposite


3D emblem rendering by Dejan Gotić for the Trials of Ildarwood series.

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