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Download the Trials Prologue Today!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The time has come! Starting today, new subscribers to the Ildarwood weekly newsletter can download a FREE version of The Man in Ildarglass Armor, the highly anticipated prologue at the start of The Trials of Ildarwood: Spectres of the Fall.

Featuring the Verdani family three years before the main story in Spectres of the Fall, the prologue follows their daring escape from the city of Silvermarsh as they race to reach safety in the neighboring town of Ranewood.

Who is the Verdani family? What terrible threat are they fleeing? And who is the man in Ildarglass armor?

Find out in this thrilling excerpt by S.C. Selvyn!

(Concept art for the Prologue by @izizallart.)


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